Soli and her catMost of our Happy Tails (like those below) tell the stories of cats and dogs that found happy homes, sometimes against great odds. This one's a little different. It's a big, happy THANK YOU to the students and faculty at Tacoma's Charles Wright Academy.



Cassie (Kona)

From dumped to adored...

On the subfreezing night of December 30, children in a Raymond neighborhood heard a puppy's plaintive cries. They looked outside, and there she was -- a lone pup about 10 weeks old. 

Welcome Back Neighbor

For several months there was a big, friendly black lab/pit bull "puppy" who lived in our rural community outside of Westport. The "puppy" would always come bounding over to the fence to visit when we were out mowing the "back 40". He'd wiggling everything from his big nose to his large tail. We asked around to see who owned him, and a neighbor told us that he was just a "neighborhood dog". (We suspected, however, that the neighbor was the real owner, even if he was reluctant to admit it.) The dog was allowed to run loose and was not neutered.

Scarlet and her Pups

On a stormy evening in late October, Leslie -- a dedicated HAVA volunteer and board member -- got the call that would forever change the fate of one very sweet little dog.

HAVA Heart

After the sad death of our beloved dog Rainey, in March of 2005, I didn't think we'd have another dog for awhile. Little did I know that within six weeks, we would become the proud owners of two dogs....... Barkley, a rambunctious 2 year old Australian Shepherd and Bonnie, a loving and very needy 7 year old yellow Labrador Retriever.

HAVA to the rescue once again!

Long time HAVA supporters Chris & Roger DeLorm found themselves with an empty spot in their  "kitty hearts".  They placed a call to HAVA "we're looking for a wanna be siamese". 

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