Cassie (Kona)

From dumped to adored...

On the subfreezing night of December 30, children in a Raymond neighborhood heard a puppy's plaintive cries. They looked outside, and there she was -- a lone pup about 10 weeks old. 

These good kids and their family took her in overnight and the next day went door-to-door looking someone who might have lost her.

Finding no owner and unable to keep her themselves, the children brought her to Vetters Animal Hospital where, at that moment, a group of HAVA volunteers happened to be assembled. One, who lived in the same neighborhood, took the baby home and put up "found dog" posters. But still nobody claimed the sweet young girl, who was now called Cassie.

A few weeks earlier, an entire litter of pups very much like Cassie had been dumped by a roadside in another part of town. Our best guess is that the people who did that first decided to keep this one pup -- then changed their minds and dumped her, too, on one of the coldest evenings of the year. If so, we can be grateful at least that they left her in a populated area and very good people found her.

Cassie turned out to be a gem. She possessed a rare combination of a calm, laid-back personality with an active intelligence. It also helped that she was quite the cutie. Inquiries poured in. But the very first people who applied turned out to be Cassie's perfect match. Kyle and Lee, a young couple from Seattle, were first-time dog adopters. But they had both grown up in dog-loving families and had done their homework. They knew exactly what they wanted in a puppy and they found it in Cassie.

They made the long trip to Raymond to meet her, then came back on a snowy night to take her home. That night, Cassie raced into their arms the moment they arrived.

A few weeks later they wrote:

We named her "Kona," and to be honest -- things have been wonderful right from the start. She slept through the night starting on night #1 (!!) and has been such a sweet-tempered wonderful little girl. She goes through periods of high energy (usually at about 6:30am and then again around 9:30pm - good timing!!) but other than that has been very even keeled and gentle. She knows her place to go potty in the yard ... she has had a few accidents but nothing that is causing us any worry at all. Her favorite toys are definitely the ones that squeak, and she loves rawhide bones!

She is learning how to walk on a leash and is doing great. She caught on RIGHT AWAY to "sit" and "stay" - which has been a huge relief to us in case we ever need her to just stop in her tracks for any reason!

She got her first bath today at a local place that provides everything you would need to bathe a wasn't her favorite activity but they had plenty of treats so it wasn't torture.


As I write this, she is happily playing with a toy on the carpet while our cat watches her intently :) 

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