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After the sad death of our beloved dog Rainey, in March of 2005, I didn't think we'd have another dog for awhile. Little did I know that within six weeks, we would become the proud owners of two dogs....... Barkley, a rambunctious 2 year old Australian Shepherd and Bonnie, a loving and very needy 7 year old yellow Labrador Retriever.

Acquiring two adult dogs so quickly shouldn't have surprised me, after all, I am married to the [then] president of HAVA and our three cats and parrot needed some company.

I must admit, I do enjoy both Barkley and Bonnie. As mentioned, Barkley is rambunctious and never stops moving. He's “all boy” as evidenced by his two encounters with porcupines and one with a very mean raccoon.

We acquired Barkley from a very nice older couple in South Bend who just didn't have the space for such an active dog. We take Barkley over to visit with his former owners occasionally, I think they miss his outgoing personality but are glad he goes home with us. As for Bonnie, you couldn't have a more loving dog. Bonnie was abandoned on a logging road, found in very poor health and had some significant medical problems. With the help of Dr. Gina Lewis, I am pleased to report Bonnie has made a full recovery.

She loves to be petted, travel, be petted, play with Barkley, be petted, sleep, be petted and finally, be petted. I have suggested to Laurie we purchase a mannequin arm and hand to help fulfill Bonnie's overwhelming desire to be petted. Obviously, we are very pleased and fortunate to have acquired two very special HAVA adoptees, and look forward to many years of entertainment, love, enjoyment and petting.

Submitted by Jerry Bowman

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