A Very Happy Thank You!

When we first received an email from Samantha Harris, Charles Wright's middle-school librarian, telling us they had boxes of Snuggles to send for our animals, 

we weren't sure they really intended the cuddly blankets for us. HAVA's territory is several hours from Tacoma. But Sam Harris said they fondly recalled the Westport Jetty Cats and thought of us.

Soon, two big boxes of cat-sized, kitten-sized, and small-dog sized comforters arrived -- and you can see how much HAVA's foster cats are going to enjoy them. Here are just a few of the ways. The Snuggles will go to foster homes that care for cats. When we need to transport an animal, a Snuggle will make the ride more pleasant. Sick animals will have nice, soft beds. And once we get the mobile adoption van we hope for, the handmade Charles Wright Snuggles will not only make the van's animals comfortable, but will help create a bright, cheery image to encourage potential adoptors.

So THANK YOU to everybody at the Charles Wright Academy who so kindly gave their time to make Snuggles. Meows and happy barks from HAVA critters.


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