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Here is a sampling of things volunteers can do:

Working directly with animals and adopters

 Take foster care of a dog, cat, or other creature 
 Help take in and evaluate the health and behavior of new animals
 Photograph animals available for adoption
 Work with animals on obedience training or socialization
 Help lost or found animals be reunited with their families
 Provide transportation for animals to vets or foster homes
 Maintain Web listings of adoptable animals and correspond with potential adoptive families
 Screen potential foster and adoptive homes;
 Work with animal-care volunteers to make sure they have everything they need to give the best care to the creatures in HAVA's custody
  ... And more!


Raising funds



 Make and donate craft items for HAVA to sell at events 
 Hold a yard sale or other event to benefit HAVA 
 Request donations from businesses 
 Design and/or post bulletins and fliers 
 Organize fund-raising activities 
 Give presentations to civic groups about HAVA's mission 
 Do grant writing 
 Help us place donation jars 
 Help develop Web site partnerships and online stores 
 Coordinate groups of fundraising volunteers 
... And more!


Mobile Adoption Van

Acquiring and customizing a step van or toy hauler to serve as a mobile adoption van is a long-term project, and some skills, like carpentry, plumbing, and automotive work, might not be needed for many years. But to plan for this HAVA can always use people who are knowledgeable about vehicle acquisition and customization, cage design and construction, safe public access, insurance and finance, and more.


Construction and related work

 Construct dog houses for foster homes that don't already have their own
 Set up portable kennels
 Advise on any facet of adoption-van design, construction, and acquisition
  ... And more!


Complete the form below and volunteer to help HAVA!


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